Monachil Sierra Nevada Turismo

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Sierra Nevada

National and
Natural Park


Most of the extensive municipal area is developed within the boundaries of the Natural Park and National Park of Sierra Nevada, representing the best values of the medium and high Mediterranean mountains.


Amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds and a rich entomofauna (80 exclusive endemisms), make up the fauna of Sierra Nevada, especially linked to the high mountain habitats. The mountain goat, common in the high peaks, is the park’s most characteristic species. In the steep vertical walls of Los Cahorros de Monachil nest choughs, jackdaws and crag martin that pirouette in the heights


Sierra Nevada constitutes an exceptional refuge for flora and biodiversity in the European continent, due to its geographic isolation and the abruptness of ecological gradients. Evergreens, foxgloves, butterworts, camomile from the mountains, Sierra Nevada violet, snow star, Sierra Nevada poppies and aconites, are part of the more than 2,000 plant species (66 exclusive endemic species), of great color and colorfulness, that live in the Park.


Download this guide with the keys to responsible behavior in the Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park

bioclimatic ground

In very few areas of the world can you see how Mediterranean vegetation changes and adapts according to altitude.

From the coast of Granada to the highest peaks we can observe how large trees give way to small bushes that protect themselves from the cold and wind.