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the ski

Pradollano and the ski resort of Sierra Nevada are within our country, Monachil. Come and enjoy the skiing, the good weather, the atmosphere of the resort and our great mountain.


The suitcases: in our precious lands there are so many things that you will need help to close the suitcases.

Although you can rest assured that there are rental stores here for all kinds of equipment, guides, instructors, etc. Although there are some things that you must bring:

Stomach ready to taste

Desire to get to know incredible places

Love and respect for nature

Certain musical taste

Curiosity for history

Looking forward to meeting good people

Monachil is synonymous with haute cuisine and traditional cooking

Here there is a high level, and there have been many chefs who have chosen our land and our product to give free rein to their imagination. We will surely be the place in the world with the highest restaurant ratings per inhabitant. You will be missing days; vegetarians, carnivores, and omnivores to taste our gastronomy, to be able to delve into magnificent dishes made with local products.

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Los Cahorros no está traducidode Monachil

Route through one of the most famous gorges of Andalusia: hanging bridges, vertiginous walls, caves carved by the river, climbing, family, etc.

What to do in Monachil?

Live "Monachil Experiences". Go ahead and download the brochure where we will recommend you what to do on a daily basis

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