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At present Monachil is a hot spot as far as the gastronomic offer of the province of Granada is concerned. Tradition and Haute Cuisine go hand in hand in more than 30 restaurants, some of them awarded and even mentioned in the Michelin guide. Eating here is a problem…where do we start?


Land of Chefs

At present important Chefs, local and foreign, have chosen the town of Monachil to develop their kitchens. Traditional products and recipes are mixed with avant-garde cuisine to delight the most demanding diners.


The inexhaustible local produce supplies the various kitchens with seasonal vegetables and veal, along with other quality products that complement the offer. Enjoy charming lounges and terraces with unbeatable views of the mountains, the fertile plains of Granada or the omnipresent Sierra Nevada. 

from the garden to the table

In Monachil there are many restaurants that continue to serve the traditional food.


Livestock tradition. Taste our magnificent meats. Pajuna veal with denomination of origin


Vegetarians and Vegans, Monachil is a place of reference for all those who want to taste the «greenest»


There are several restaurants offering gourmet dishes, fusion cuisine and traditional and tradigourmet


In all bars and restaurants in Monachil «tapas» are free as part of our tradition

Gastronomic events

Olla de San Antón


San Antón is the patron saint of Monachil. It is celebrated on January 17. The town hall of Monachil makes, free of charge, the «Olla de San Antón» (rice, dried beans, chickpeas, chickpeas, mask, ears, pig’s hands, blood sausage, bacon, legs, backbone bones, fennel, chard, etc.), a coveted traditional dish that hundreds of people come to taste in our town.

In addition, throughout the month the «Olla» is served in most of the restaurants in the municipality. You cannot miss it.

Traditionally, this dish, composed of caloric foods, was cooked to protect from the low temperatures of the municipality. In its origins it was made with the contributions generously offered by the inhabitants of the town.

Taste Monachil

since 2016
several days

Taste Monachil is a tapas route that has gained prestige over the years due to its high culinary level. The best restaurants in Monachil offer small tastings in the form of tapas. The challenge is to complete the route in a few days and participate in the voting that will end up crowning the best tapa of the year.

industrial and

gastronomic tourism

Jamones Mariscal has a drying-salting room where you can contemplate the process of salting and maturation of the Serrano ham from Monachil. An artisan process full of aromas

Visit a family winery with its own vineyards where you can taste wines, understand the winemaking process, and pair the wine with local ham and olive oil

Dedulce makes its sweets and desserts in the neighborhood of Monachil. Visit the cafeteria and enjoy traditional pastries